Chris Tonrey's Portfolio


I am a driven and dedicated professional, who has been working as a one-man crew for close to the last 10 years. I graduated from Film School in 2006 and worked on movies and television sets for the next 3 years in Hollywood. Being from Dallas, I decided to move back and try my hand out here, with great results. I am truly passionate about what I do, and have been trained, and trained myself how to be a one man production team. My greatest strengths lay in the post-production field, but also have a tremendous understanding, as well as years of experience as a videographer. I currently work with the Sony FS-700 as well as the Canon 5-D Mark II for interviews and some more filmic B-Roll. Anywhere I go, I am extremely loyal, and very knowledgeable and bring with me a great sense of "team" mentality.